I am proud to introduce the newest 3Ra Factorio Scenario: The Labyrinth!

The Labyrinth is a PvP scenario with two teams: Blue and Green. It takes place on a height-limited ribbon world. Green spawns on the left while Blue spawns on the right. The two teams are separated by the Labyrinth, a maze that constantly changes. The Labyrinth is made up of many cells. These cells contain bonuses. A team can gain the use of a bonus by capturing a cell.

Capturing a cell is done by standing in it for a certain amount of time. A countdown will appear in the center of a cell when a player is standing in it. The countdown will freeze if an enemy unit enters the cell. Cells can only be captured if there are no opposing players or turrets present in the cell.

There are currently two win conditions: Domination and Elimination. Domination is won by controlling a certain percentage of the cells. Elimination is won by gaining a certain amount of points. Points are earned by killing enemies and launching rockets. The scenario features auto-restart capabilities, so the game will automatically restart itself without having to make a new save file.

Bonuses that can be found in the Labyrinth include:

  • Roboports
  • Radars
  • Mines producing various ores
  • Assembly Machines producing various items
  • Turrets that increase your own turret damage
  • Markets featuring various bonuses to your team (Currently broken due to Factorio bug, will be fixed in 0.16)
  • An electric-energy-interface set to produce 36 MW of power for free

All bonuses provide their own power, so they do not need to be powered themselves.

Map of Controlled Cells:

Map of Bonuses:

Detailed Map Tooltips:

High Customizability:


Optional Biter Force: