Here we have our first blog post. There shall surely be more to come. But for now, this is an example post while we get our layout configured to work with the blog software.

We hope to use this blog mostly to log our development work and activities. We do a fair bit of coding in this community, and are hoping to delve a little into game development as well. It's not entirely improbable that we will occasionally post a video or community event announcement here. We'll try to use our categories and tags intelligently so stuff is easy to find. I (studmuffin) have some business pursuits I'm indulging in as well. Much of this involves server hardware and custom coding programs to do my bidding. Many of the things I do are custom created from the ground up, with a little help from code bits around the distant corners of the internet. So it's my hope to record some of my work in the case it proves useful for others like me down the line.

One thing we'll have to program is comments. This blog software has a comment system, but I'd rather use a little discord authentication to verify users. If that will work on this simple godaddy webhost, then we could use it for blog content creator login's as well. Then allowing new blog posters would be as simple as a discord blog role! Man, do I love integration :)

The css style of this blog is likely to change as we discover how it's best viewed. One thing we definitely need is mobile compatibility. The main template for the website was mutated from the folks over at Props to them for having a free template I actually found useful. The templates of today are often too bulky for my taste. Even this style has been compacted a little bit. As a result of using a template, there is a lot of bloated and unneeded css. Couple that with the blog themes which came with this blog software (blog is an adaptation of NibbleBlog php. I've got a forked gitlab here), and we've got a mess on our hands. 

Goal 1) Get site formatted for desktop however is necessary
Goal 2) Clean up CSS and store all relevant style code in .css files
Goal 3) Work on mobile adaptation
Step 4) ???
Step 5) Profit.

No code examples today. So here is a duck instead!